Oracle Forms – The venerable statesman with a cloudy future

Back in August 2015 I wrote a blog titled ‘The Future of Forms’ and a colleague of mine, Jon Lingard, followed this up in December 2015 by writing a continuation based upon his experience; ‘The (continued) future of Oracle Forms’. As two years have passed since these blogs were published, I thought it was time […]

Blog, Oracle Forms Oracle Cloud, Oracle Forms, upgrade / December 14, 2017

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A quick introduction to Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

The Oracle Private Cloud Appliance is an Engineered System designed to simplify the installation, deployment and support of Oracle and non-Oracle Application and Database workloads on a guest OS. Built with Virtualisation and scalability in mind, the PCA is a solution for organisations that are looking to consolidate general purpose workloads and virtualise each environment […]

Blog, Cloud, Review Cloud, Cost, upgrade / September 15, 2017

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The start of the end for Apex 4.2

In October 2017 (just 3 months’ time), Premier Support for Oracle Application Express 4.2 will end. This ultimately marks the end of the APEX 4 era and coincides with the fifth anniversary of the 4.2 launch. A lot has changed in those 5 years: we have had two more major versions of APEX – with […]

APEX, Blog, Cloud, Oracle Forms upgrade / August 14, 2017

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Something big is coming

“Something big is coming” @OracleCloud tweeted on 20 July 2017 along with a 12-second video that featured: The words: SOMETHING BIG IS COMING The date: 26.7.17 The brand: ORACLE All set to a roaring soundtrack and a rumbling fade-out animation between slides. Something big is coming — Oracle Cloud (@OracleCloud) 20 July 2017 What […]

APEX, Blog, Cloud APEX, Cloud, Database, upgrade / August 8, 2017

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A Review of Interactive Grid in APEX 5.1.1

A Review of Interactive Grid in APEX 5.1.1 This blog has been a long time in the making… Of course before writing a blog on any subject, you have to do your research. In my case, my research involved creating dozens (maybe in to the 100s) of Interactive Grids (IG) and writing a new Explorer […]

APEX 5.1, How to, Review APEX 5.0, Development, Interactive Grid, reporting, upgrade / March 29, 2017

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Theme Roller not saving changes

Theme Roller not saving changes on a 5.1 ORDS standalone environment A very quick entry so we have this written down and so that it may help anyone in the future who faces the same problem.. We were having a problem on some of our new 5.1 environments where when using the theme roller and […]

APEX 5.1, Blog, Explorer, ORDS ORDS, RESTful, upgrade / March 9, 2017

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Moving from APEX 5 to 4

Moving from APEX 5 to 4 Back in 2014 I wrote a blog discussing what I thought was exciting about the imminent APEX 5.0 release. This year I have been developing an application in APEX 4.2 for a customer who has not upgraded yet and it provided me with a great opportunity to reflect on […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Case Studies, Explorer, Upgrading to Apex 5, Why use APEX APEX 5.0, Development, upgrade / March 29, 2016

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Oracle Forms Item Placement in APEX

Oracle Forms Item Placement in APEX When I first started looking at APEX one of the early challenges I encountered was how to place items exactly where I wanted them on the screen. In Oracle Forms, this is achieved by setting canvases at specific dimensions, placing items on screen at specific X, Y locations with […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer, How to, Oracle Forms, Why use APEX APEX 5.0, Development, Oracle Forms, upgrade / January 4, 2016

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Oracle Forms Tabular Data-Blocks in APEX

Oracle Forms Tabular Data-Blocks in APEX Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I’ve worked with Oracle Forms for about 13 years and so when I first looked at learning APEX my thought process was “I used to do this in Oracle Forms, how do I do it in APEX?”. My early learning consisted of […]

Blog, Explorer, How to, Oracle Forms APEX 5.0, Oracle Forms, upgrade / December 22, 2015

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Upgrading to APEX 5

Upgrading to APEX 5 I have recently been upgrading our internal applications to APEX 5 and thought it would be interesting to write a blog about some of the issues that initially came up whilst doing so. To upgrade an application to APEX 5 and keep the original APEX 4 or 3 theme, it is […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer, How to, Upgrading to Apex 5 APEX 5.0, In House, upgrade, Upgrading / October 27, 2015

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