APEX Session State for Forms Developers

APEX Session State summary for Forms developers Session State may well be an unfamiliar concept to Oracle Forms Developers although it is a really powerful part of Oracle APEX which is important to master. Session state holds the values of page items e.g. check boxes, Text Items, Select Lists, etc. The session will not be […]

Blog, Explorer, How to, Oracle Forms Development, Oracle Forms, Session / April 11, 2016

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Forcing APEX_APPLICATION.G_Fx values into session

Forcing APEX_APPLICATION.G_Fx values into session When working with the APEX_ITEM package to programmatically generate items on the screen, either from a dynamic PL/SQL region or within a report region, you will most likely want to make use of any values entered into those items within your PL/SQL submit processes. Application Express provides the APEX_APPLICATION.G_F01 to […]

Explorer, How to Session / October 7, 2014

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