>APEX: Meet the rest of the web

APEX: Meet the rest of the web In December last year I spoke at the UKOUG TECH 16 conference in Birmingham about integrating APEX with modern web technologies. The presentation was interesting for me to build because I was able to spend some time pushing APEX beyond what is possible using only the declarative application […]

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>Custom JSON in APEX 5

Custom JSON in APEX 5 I attended the excellent Tech 15 this December and was lucky enough to be able to speak about integrating external technologies with APEX. One of the things I demonstrated was my implementation of a Google Pie Chart in APEX in which I used the APEX_JSON package to output JSON in […]

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>Generating JSON in APEX 5.0

Generating JSON in APEX 5.0 In a previous blog I outlined how with APEX 5.0 you can now use the APEX_JSON package to parse JSON responses in your APEX application. For this blog I will show you how easy it is to generate your own JSON using just the in-built APEX packages. If you want […]

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>Parsing JSON in APEX 5.0

Parsing JSON in APEX 5.0 As part of the APEX 5.0 Beta documentation there is a new APEX_JSON package available. This is a welcome addition that helps us integrate our applications with web services that serve responses using JSON. The new package allows us to easily parse the response and use the data within our […]

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