>Customising chart colours in APEX 5.1

Customising chart colours in APEX 5.1 One of the new features of APEX 5.1 is the introduction of Jet Charts which are highly customisable using JavaScript and CSS. One particular issue I recently came across was the removal of two chart region attributes that allowed easy customisation of a chart, namely COLOR SCHEME and CUSTOM […]

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>Customising Interactive Reports through CSS and jQuery

Customising Interactive Reports through CSS and jQuery When creating APEX Interactive Reports I regularly use CSS combined with jQuery to change the layout and display. Quite often these may be something simple like for instance disabling a particular filter so that that user cannot remove it. Time and time again I revisit my older applications […]

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>APEX Bubble Charts – Finding the Largest Bubble

APEX Bubble Charts – Finding the Largest Bubble During a trip to OUG Ireland in March 2016, someone mentioned to me that their users had difficulty in finding the largest bubble using the Bubble Chart plugin found within the Sample Charts packaged application. We discussed a solution whereby the bubble could be animated so that […]

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>JavaScript Debugging in APEX 5 (at last)

JavaScript Debugging in APEX 5 (at last) In APEX 4.2, I would debug JavaScript code using the alert() function. I would use this to show information about variables and the steps taken through code. This method is far from ideal so big on my wish list for APEX 5 is JavaScript debugging… and after a […]

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>Trigger Dynamic Action from JavaScript

Trigger Dynamic Action from JavaScript The following example will demonstrate how a Dynamic Action can be utilised within a report column to confirm deletion of a record, before the deletion process occurs. Ever since Apex 4.0, Dynamic Actions have provided developers with an easier way of defining client-side behaviour declaratively without the need to know […]

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