Oracle Code – London (2017)

Last week I attended the Oracle Code event in London; a free event hosted by Oracle showcasing the latest technologies, practices and trends in development. As a developer who spends a lot of time working with the database, this event was slightly different to the ones I’m used to. The event kicked off with Adam […]

Blog, Cloud, Explorer, JavaScript APEX, Development, low code / May 4, 2017

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A Review of Interactive Grid in APEX 5.1.1

A Review of Interactive Grid in APEX 5.1.1 This blog has been a long time in the making… Of course before writing a blog on any subject, you have to do your research. In my case, my research involved creating dozens (maybe in to the 100s) of Interactive Grids (IG) and writing a new Explorer […]

APEX 5.1, How to, Review APEX 5.0, Development, Interactive Grid, reporting, upgrade / March 29, 2017

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Dynamic Theme Style in APEX 5.1

Dynamic Theme Style in APEX 5.1 One of the new features of APEX 5.1 is the introduction of APEX_THEME API which enables you to change the application theme style by user. A very nice APEX 5.0 feature is to allow users to change the theme style using the APEX_UTIL.SET_CURRENT_THEME_STYLE procedure (deprecated in 5.1) but this change […]

APEX 5.1, Explorer, How to Development, Style, Universal Theme / March 28, 2017

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A complete guide to #ORCLAPEX Dynamic Actions

A complete guide to #ORCLAPEX Dynamic Actions Last year, Craig Sykes and I were discussing ideas for presentations at Tech16 and one idea made us quite excited to turn in to a paper for submission. We hadn’t seen a presentation on a complete coverage of all the Dynamic Actions available in APEX 5 – yet […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer, How to, Why use APEX APEX 5.0, Benefits, Development, Dynamic Actions, Forms Triggers / March 1, 2017

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APEX: Meet the rest of the web

APEX: Meet the rest of the web In December last year I spoke at the UKOUG TECH 16 conference in Birmingham about integrating APEX with modern web technologies. The presentation was interesting for me to build because I was able to spend some time pushing APEX beyond what is possible using only the declarative application […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer, How to, Why use APEX APEX 5.0, Cloud, Development, Dynamic Actions, JSON, Oracle Cloud, RESTful / February 14, 2017

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APEX Version Control & Team Working

APEX Version Control & Team Working I recently had the pleasure of presenting at UKOUG TECH16 last December. It was, as always, a fantastic experience to be able to meet APEX developers and to hear the latest about the APEX 5.1 new features. My presentation was entitled “APEX Version Control & Team Working” – a […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Devops, Explorer, Why use APEX APEX 5.0, Development, Version Control / January 13, 2017

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APEX 5.0 Desktop Universal Theme vs Mobile Theme

APEX 5.0 Desktop Universal Theme vs Mobile Theme I was recently asked by a customer to create a small application for use on mobile devices, to record attendance at certain events. Developing in APEX version 5.0, I initially built the application using a Mobile application, but for comparison also built the same functionality using a […]

Blog, Explorer, Mobile APEX 5.0, Development, Mobile applications, Universal Theme / December 20, 2016

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UK OUG Tech 16 Round-Up

UK OUG Tech 16 Round-Up As you may have seen from our twitter updates this week Explorer were again in attendance at the UK Oracle User Group event in Birmingham (UK OUG Tech 16). As we are an Oracle Platinum Partner, a UKOUG Silver Partner and this year picked up two Gold Awards and a […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer, Oracle Data Visualization, Why use APEX APEX 5.0, Benefits, BI, Development, reporting / December 12, 2016

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Oracle Data Visualization

Oracle Data Visualization Since Oracle has expanded its Data Visualization portfolio, (particularly with the launch of Data Visualization Cloud Service (DVCS) and Data Visualization Desktop (DVD)), I have written a few blogs providing an overview of the two products’ key features, an overview of access controls in DVCS, an overview of how to manage data […]

Blog, Cloud, Explorer, How to, Oracle Data Visualization, Reporting BI, Business Intelligence, Charting, Cloud, Development, Discoverer, reporting / December 9, 2016

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APEX Session State for Forms Developers

APEX Session State summary for Forms developers Session State may well be an unfamiliar concept to Oracle Forms Developers although it is a really powerful part of Oracle APEX which is important to master. Session state holds the values of page items e.g. check boxes, Text Items, Select Lists, etc. The session will not be […]

Blog, Explorer, How to, Oracle Forms Development, Oracle Forms, Session / April 11, 2016

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