OEM Chargeback via APEX

OEM Chargeback via APEX I was recently asked to look into the possibility of building a custom front end for some of the features of OEM 12c, namely the Cloud Management Plugin. The customer in question is planning on using the Oracle Cloud (Database-as-a-Service) and on-premise Database instances to deliver a hybrid Cloud service to […]

Blog, Cloud, Explorer, How to, Reporting Charting, Cloud, Database Objects, reporting / November 10, 2015

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List of new database objects in APEX 5

List of new database objects in APEX 5 Along with launch of the fantastic APEX 5.0 Early Adopter 3 came a tweet from Joel Kallman describing the location of the APEX 5.0 BETA Documentation. Whilst many developers are keen on exploring the new APEX 5.0 features such as Theme Roller, Universal Theme and Page Designer; […]

APEX 5.0, Explorer APEX 5.0, Database Objects / March 23, 2015

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