>Adventures in building a Form with APEX_ITEM

Adventures in building a Form with APEX_ITEM Recently I needed to build a dynamic form whereby the fields were based on data and it was not possible to use the APEX flex fields plugin. The way forward then was to create input fields on screen using APEX_ITEM. In this example I’ll create 6 fields: A […]

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Blog, Explorer, How to / Bespoke, component, Development, Team Development / March 8, 2016

>Default Hidden Components

Default Hidden Components One thing I liked from Oracle Forms, which is not available in APEX, is the ability to set a Data Block Item’s Visible property to No. In Oracle Forms it meant that the page item would never show unless the developer programmatically set the item visible property to True at run-time using […]

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Blog, Explorer, Oracle Forms / APEX 5.0, component, Oracle Forms / October 20, 2015

>Adding a Mobile Ellipsis button

Adding a Mobile Ellipsis button Following a day of hard work building APEX applications, I jumped on the train home and started catching up with the latest news & sport. I loaded up the BBC News App, I noticed a button I regularly used but never really took notice of it. It’s the Ellipsis button […]

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Blog, Explorer, How to, Mobile / component / July 22, 2015

>Component Level Authorization in APEX 5.0

Component Level Authorization in APEX 5.0 In APEX 4.2, whenever I need to apply an Authorization Scheme to components of a page I tend to create tables for roles, privileges, a role_privilege linker table and usually a user_role table. I then create an Authorization Scheme named after screen components. For example: I have a Role […]

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APEX 5.0, Explorer, How to / APEX 5.0, authorisation, component / March 30, 2015