What are my options? With Explorer you can find out.

Our workshops will help answer that question for you.

Workshops are often the best way to learn about new Oracle solutions that will positively impact your business. On or off-site, Explorer can provide you with a broad range of workshops that help you learn more about topics such as Engineered Systems and Cloud along with real-world insights and examples on how other customers have benefited from the same solutions.

With options to cover any subject required, including:

  • Cloud deployment options
  • The value of “Big Data”
  • License Compliance
  • Developing with APEX
  • Oracle Forms to APEX redevelopment
  • Engineered Systems
  • The latest 12c features and options

After the workshop, you might also benefit from a proof of concept to translate the theory into proven capability. Explorer provides POC’s on a number of topics such as Exadata, ODA and Cloud and is invaluable to help shape business requirements and reduce the risk of transformational projects.

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