>APEX 5.0 Desktop Universal Theme vs Mobile Theme

APEX 5.0 Desktop Universal Theme vs Mobile Theme I was recently asked by a customer to create a small application for use on mobile devices, to record attendance at certain events. Developing in APEX version 5.0, I initially built the application using a Mobile application, but for comparison also built the same functionality using a […]

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Blog, Explorer, Mobile / APEX 5.0, Development, Mobile applications, Universal Theme / December 20, 2016

>Adding a Mobile Ellipsis button

Adding a Mobile Ellipsis button Following a day of hard work building APEX applications, I jumped on the train home and started catching up with the latest news & sport. I loaded up the BBC News App, I noticed a button I regularly used but never really took notice of it. It’s the Ellipsis button […]

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Blog, Explorer, How to, Mobile / component / July 22, 2015