>Moving to the Cloud: A Developer’s Perspective

I have been recently working with a charity who had developed a production APEX application and hosted it on apex.oracle.com. While this environment is brilliant for quickly creating a full APEX workspace and accessing from anywhere in the world, it is definitely not supposed to be used to host a production application (the environment can […]

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APEX 5.1, Cloud, Explorer / Cloud, Oracle Cloud / August 7, 2017

>Oracle Code – London (2017)

Last week I attended the Oracle Code event in London; a free event hosted by Oracle showcasing the latest technologies, practices and trends in development. As a developer who spends a lot of time working with the database, this event was slightly different to the ones I’m used to. The event kicked off with Adam […]

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Cloud, Explorer, JavaScript / low code / May 4, 2017

>Dynamic Theme Style in APEX 5.1

Dynamic Theme Style in APEX 5.1 One of the new features of APEX 5.1 is the introduction of APEX_THEME API which enables you to change the application theme style by user. A very nice APEX 5.0 feature is to allow users to change the theme style using the APEX_UTIL.SET_CURRENT_THEME_STYLE procedure (deprecated in 5.1) but this change […]

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APEX 5.1, Blog, Explorer, How to / Development, Style, Universal Theme / March 28, 2017

>License compliance is not easy

Certified Oracle Compliance Over the last decade or so, countless Oracle customers have experienced license issues by falling foul of Oracle’s ‘trust model’, complex licensing metrics and how Oracle’s policies affect third party technologies. As a result of this, numerous companies have setup ‘license consultancy’ practices and developing SAM tools suggesting they can provide a […]

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Blog, Cloud, Explorer, Licensing / AWS, Azure, Cloud, Compliance, Licensing, LMS / March 28, 2017

>Customising chart colours in APEX 5.1

Customising chart colours in APEX 5.1 One of the new features of APEX 5.1 is the introduction of Jet Charts which are highly customisable using JavaScript and CSS. One particular issue I recently came across was the removal of two chart region attributes that allowed easy customisation of a chart, namely COLOR SCHEME and CUSTOM […]

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APEX 5.1, Blog, Explorer, JavaScript / Charting, JavaScript, reporting / March 13, 2017

>Theme Roller not saving changes

Theme Roller not saving changes on a 5.1 ORDS standalone environment A very quick entry so we have this written down and so that it may help anyone in the future who faces the same problem.. We were having a problem on some of our new 5.1 environments where when using the theme roller and […]

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APEX 5.1, Blog, Explorer, ORDS / ORDS, RESTful, upgrade / March 9, 2017

>A complete guide to #ORCLAPEX Dynamic Actions

A complete guide to #ORCLAPEX Dynamic Actions Last year, Craig Sykes and I were discussing ideas for presentations at Tech16 and one idea made us quite excited to turn in to a paper for submission. We hadn’t seen a presentation on a complete coverage of all the Dynamic Actions available in APEX 5 – yet […]

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APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer, How to, Why use APEX / APEX 5.0, Benefits, Development, Dynamic Actions, Forms Triggers / March 1, 2017

>ODA: What you need to know

Oracle Engineered Systems are a range of hardware appliances designed to address different business problems or objectives. The entry level member of this group is the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA). Explorer recommend the use of ODA’s when Oracle customers are looking to achieve any of the following: There is actually a family of ODA models […]

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Blog, Explorer, Licensing / / February 28, 2017

>Need more oomph from Oracle?

Need more oomph from Oracle?! Read on. Since joining Explorer in 2010 and working with customers with varying sizes of Oracle estates there are 2 key drivers that push customers to want to talk to me; reducing costs and improving performance. I’ve already shared my thoughts on reducing costs in another blog and here I […]

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Blog, Cloud, Explorer, How to, Licensing / / February 24, 2017

>How to reduce your Oracle Costs

How to reduce your Oracle Costs Businesses up and down the country relying on Oracle technology to deliver and underpin key business applications all have one thing in common; they chose Oracle because it was the best solution to address their requirements. That said, as the cost of supporting Oracle continues to increase our customers […]

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Blog, Cloud, Explorer, How to, Licensing / Engineered Systems, Oracle Cloud, Oracle Licensing, SAM / February 24, 2017

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