>The start of the end for Apex 4.2

In October 2017 (just 3 months’ time), Premier Support for Oracle Application Express 4.2 will end.  This ultimately marks the end of the APEX 4 era and coincides with the fifth anniversary of the 4.2 launch. A lot has changed in those 5 years: we have had two more major versions of APEX – with […]

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APEX, Cloud, Oracle Forms / upgrade / August 14, 2017

>Something big is coming

“Something big is coming” @OracleCloud tweeted on 20 July 2017 along with a 12-second video that featured: The words: SOMETHING BIG IS COMING The date: 26.7.17 The brand: ORACLE All set to a roaring soundtrack and a rumbling fade-out animation between slides. https://twitter.com/OracleCloud/status/888055326515310592 What could it be? …we debated in the Development department here at […]

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APEX, Cloud / APEX, Cloud, Database, upgrade / August 8, 2017