When Forms to APEX Projects get thorny

Oracle Forms and Oracle Application Express (APEX) are both technologies used to build data centric applications. APEX uses the best of the modern web to create native web applications. Oracle Forms uses NPAPI plugins relying on Java technologies to render the page. Whilst we could go on and on describing the advantages of one over […]

APEX, Oracle Forms Development, Oracle Forms / September 20, 2018

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Undocumented IG Features

I’ve blogged quite a bit on the Interactive Grid and the vast array of features; some features are technically available for use in your applications however they are not documented – more on what this means later. Before I dig in, let’s not forget the Interactive Grid was undocumented on launch on APEX 5.1. Even […]

APEX Interactive Grid / September 10, 2018

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APEX Splitter Plugin

You’ve been using the Splitter plugin for maybe years without realising it. No? Well if you’ve used APEX Page Designer on version APEX 5 and above you’ll notice the page is split in to several resizable panes.Below is my APEX Page Designer view. You can see that it has been vertically split in to a […]

APEX Page Designer, Plugin / August 30, 2018

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Anchoring Links in APEX 18.1 Page Designer

APEX 18.1 page designer now includes a new “Advanced” setting called Anchor in the Link Builder Modal. The Link Builder Model can be accessed in several places, but must noticeably in the Target Section of Template Options. So what’s this all about, and how to use it? Unfortunately unlike in Page Designer there’s no in-line […]

APEX Page Designer / August 16, 2018

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APEX Application for Managing Other APEX Application Properties in Your Workspace

As part of my presentation I gave at a couple of OUG events (see here for the blog post and video) one of things I discussed is how APEX has built in many things that can help when managing an application. I start talking about this at 37m19s in the video about how during releases […]

APEX, Support Best practice / August 3, 2018

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Cross Row Interactive Grid Cascading LOVs

One of my main gripes about the Interactive Grid is that it performing cross row validations is quite a painful process. By this I mean, the user can modify various records and add their own; but I want to check if the entries are valid in relation to each other before submitting to the DB. […]

APEX Interactive Grid / July 12, 2018

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Adding an Auto Save Feature to an APEX Page

Recently I was tasked with adding an auto save feature to an APEX page for a questionnaire style application I was developing for a customer. The application itself was straight forward but contained a significant amount of data entry for the users. The aim was to ensure that should a user’s APEX session close unexpectedly […]

APEX, JavaScript APEX, Development, JavaScript / June 5, 2018

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Disabling Interactive Grid Columns

I’ve seen various information about how to disable IG columns, either through read-only attributes, using special classes and other nifty tricks. But thinking simply about this … a column should either be conditionally removed at page load or dynamically controlled – and what should we use for dynamic controls? Dynamic Actions. There’s an example on Page […]

APEX, APEX 5.1 Interactive Grid / May 14, 2018

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Integrating Chatbots with your APEX (or non-APEX) web application.

Lots of people are talking about chatbots alongside other tech buzzwords like AI and IoT. I like to look into these up and coming technologies to see what might be useful for expanding our development toolbox, and I have presented on these three topics recently at various conferences. Of all these technologies, chatbots have stood […]

APEX, Cloud, IOT chatbots / April 26, 2018

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Application Support with APEX Applications: Looking After the Users when Development has Finished

Although at Explorer we spend most of our time creating brand-new bespoke APEX applications or completing Forms to APEX projects; sometimes we are asked to work on and/or support an existing APEX application, both for external clients and for our own internal systems. Having come from a more support orientated background where I have spent […]

APEX, How to, Support APEX, In House, Support, Team Development / April 18, 2018

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