APEX Application for Managing Other APEX Application Properties in Your Workspace

As part of my presentation I gave at a couple of OUG events (see here for the blog post and video) one of things I discussed is how APEX has built in many things that can help when managing an application. I start talking about this at 37m19s in the video about how during releases […]

APEX, Support Best practice / August 3, 2018

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Cross Row Interactive Grid Cascading LOVs

One of my main gripes about the Interactive Grid is that it performing cross row validations is quite a painful process. By this I mean, the user can modify various records and add their own; but I want to check if the entries are valid in relation to each other before submitting to the DB. […]

APEX Interactive Grid / July 12, 2018

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Adding an Auto Save Feature to an APEX Page

Recently I was tasked with adding an auto save feature to an APEX page for a questionnaire style application I was developing for a customer. The application itself was straight forward but contained a significant amount of data entry for the users. The aim was to ensure that should a user’s APEX session close unexpectedly […]

APEX, JavaScript APEX, Development, JavaScript / June 5, 2018

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Disabling Interactive Grid Columns

I’ve seen various information about how to disable IG columns, either through read-only attributes, using special classes and other nifty tricks. But thinking simply about this … a column should either be conditionally removed at page load or dynamically controlled – and what should we use for dynamic controls? Dynamic Actions. There’s an example on Page […]

APEX, APEX 5.1 Interactive Grid / May 14, 2018

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Interactive Grid – First Impressions

I recently joined Explorer from 4 years as an APEX 4.2 Developer on a variety of projects. I looked forward to using Interactive Grid (IG) – from APEX 5.1 onwards – and it is good to see APEX progressing and developing new features such as this. It looked a fast and easy way of streamlining […]

APEX 5.1 Interactive Grid / May 3, 2018

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