Presentation: A Review of Interactive Grid in APEX 5.1.1

Following on from my blog A Review of Interactive Grid in APEX 5.1.1; I presented a version of this at Scotland UKOUG event in June 2017. At the heart of this presentation; I wanted to discover more about what the User and Developer perspectives of this new region type were. For example; I wanted to […]

APEX 5.1, Blog / June 26, 2017

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Client Side Validations

Since using APEX 5.1, you may have noticed a few differences in regards to client side validation when using a combination of: Compatibility Mode = 5.1 and Execute Validations on Buttons = Yes What you may have noticed is that client side validations are firing first; and only if the page is successfully validated will […]

APEX 5.1, Blog / June 2, 2017

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