>Moving from APEX 5 to 4

Moving from APEX 5 to 4 Back in 2014 I wrote a blog discussing what I thought was exciting about the imminent APEX 5.0 release. This year I have been developing an application in APEX 4.2 for a customer who has not upgraded yet and it provided me with a great opportunity to reflect on […]

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APEX 5.0, Blog, Case Studies, Explorer, Upgrading to Apex 5, Why use APEX / APEX 5.0, Development, upgrade / March 29, 2016

>APEX Bubble Charts – Finding the Largest Bubble

APEX Bubble Charts – Finding the Largest Bubble During a trip to OUG Ireland in March 2016, someone mentioned to me that their users had difficulty in finding the largest bubble using the Bubble Chart plugin found within the Sample Charts packaged application. We discussed a solution whereby the bubble could be animated so that […]

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Blog, Explorer, JQuery, Reporting / APEX 5.0, Development, JavaScript, JQuery / March 15, 2016

>Adventures in building a Form with APEX_ITEM

Adventures in building a Form with APEX_ITEM Recently I needed to build a dynamic form whereby the fields were based on data and it was not possible to use the APEX flex fields plugin. The way forward then was to create input fields on screen using APEX_ITEM. In this example I’ll create 6 fields: A […]

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Blog, Explorer, How to / Bespoke, component, Development, Team Development / March 8, 2016