Oracle Forms Tabular Data-Blocks in APEX

Oracle Forms Tabular Data-Blocks in APEX Your browser does not support HTML5 video. I’ve worked with Oracle Forms for about 13 years and so when I first looked at learning APEX my thought process was “I used to do this in Oracle Forms, how do I do it in APEX?”. My early learning consisted of […]

Blog, Explorer, How to, Oracle Forms APEX 5.0, Oracle Forms, upgrade / December 22, 2015

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Custom JSON in APEX 5

Custom JSON in APEX 5 I attended the excellent Tech 15 this December and was lucky enough to be able to speak about integrating external technologies with APEX. One of the things I demonstrated was my implementation of a Google Pie Chart in APEX in which I used the APEX_JSON package to output JSON in […]

Blog, Explorer, How to, JSON, Reporting APEX 5.0, BI, Business Intelligence, Discoverer, JSON / December 17, 2015

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The (continued) future of Oracle Forms…

The (continued) future of Oracle Forms… Our previous blog about “The future of Oracle Forms” was published in August and the response and acknowledgement from the Oracle development community proved that we had struck a nerve with many of you. This blog is a follow up and in light of the facts around the recently […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Cloud, Explorer, Oracle Forms, Why use APEX APEX, Cloud, Oracle Forms / December 10, 2015

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