Upgrading to APEX 5

Upgrading to APEX 5 I have recently been upgrading our internal applications to APEX 5 and thought it would be interesting to write a blog about some of the issues that initially came up whilst doing so. To upgrade an application to APEX 5 and keep the original APEX 4 or 3 theme, it is […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer, How to, Upgrading to Apex 5 APEX 5.0, In House, upgrade, Upgrading / October 27, 2015

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Default Hidden Components

Default Hidden Components One thing I liked from Oracle Forms, which is not available in APEX, is the ability to set a Data Block Item’s Visible property to No. In Oracle Forms it meant that the page item would never show unless the developer programmatically set the item visible property to True at run-time using […]

Blog, Explorer, Oracle Forms APEX 5.0, component, Oracle Forms / October 20, 2015

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Legacy Breadcrumbs

Legacy Breadcrumbs The Universal Theme is great – no doubting it awesomeness. However one thing that isn’t my perfect cup of tea is the new Breadcrumb Template. It’s slightly frustrating that there are no available alternate templates, styles, template options or any customisations you can perform out of the box. Granted you can change the […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer, How to Menus / October 12, 2015

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Modal Dialog Tips and Tricks

Modal Dialog Tips and Tricks I have been developing in APEX 5 since its release and have used the new native modal popup windows in almost every application I have created. While the functionality is inbuilt now (as I demonstrated in a previous blog), here are a few things I have discovered that help me […]

APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer, How to Development, Modal / October 1, 2015

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