>Flexible Field functionality

Flex Fields From time to time, the users may wish to be able to extend their application by adding extra fields to tables without contacting IT to perform a change request. For example an application designed for a Coffee Shop may wish to add a Twitter Username to the customer table. The field was never […]

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APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer, How to / Fields / September 21, 2015

>APEX 5.0 Packaged Application Plugins

APEX 5.0 Packaged Application Plugins The 35 packaged applications contained within APEX 5.0.1 are not only full production ready applications, but also hold a wealth of features which you can introduce in to your applications. There are 45 plugins in use throughout the 35 packaged applications; and later in this blog you can find out […]

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APEX 5.0, Blog, Explorer / Plug-ins / September 3, 2015

>Oracle SE2 – HUGE impact for Oracle Standard Edition Customers!

Oracle SE2 – HUGE impact for Oracle Standard Edition Customers! Since December 2015 Database “Standard Edition 2” has replaced SE1 and SE as the only Database Edition, other than Enterprise Edition, which brings challenges to Database performance, high availability and cost. The new version of SE for Database brings new licensing rules which will have […]

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Blog, Explorer, Licensing / Oracle Licensing, SE2, Standard Edition / September 2, 2015