APEX Security Considerations – Part 1

APEX Security Considerations – Part 1 Whenever you are developing a web based application, there are many security concerns that need to be considered. When developing using Oracle Apex, there are a number of in-built security features available to enhance Access Control and Session State Protection, and to also prevent SQL Injection and Cross Site […]

Explorer, How to, Security APEX 5.0, Database, Security / November 25, 2014

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APEX I get, but what is ORDS

APEX I get, but what is ORDS This article is the first in a series which will look at the Oracle REST Data Services (ORDS previously known as the APEX listener) and APEX and the features that you can unlock. This first article will examine at a high level what ORDS is and what it […]

APEX 5.0, Explorer APEX 5.0, ORDS, RESTful / November 13, 2014

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