>APEX and EBS Integration

APEX and EBS Integration This article will explore the integration and extensions that Oracle Application Express (APEX) gives you when using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). There are two main ways in which APEX and EBS are integrated and these are: Including and integrating EBS data inside APEX. Customising EBS using APEX. The other main goal […]

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E-Business Suite, Explorer / E-Business Suite, EBS / October 20, 2014

>Trigger Dynamic Action from JavaScript

Trigger Dynamic Action from JavaScript The following example will demonstrate how a Dynamic Action can be utilised within a report column to confirm deletion of a record, before the deletion process occurs. Ever since Apex 4.0, Dynamic Actions have provided developers with an easier way of defining client-side behaviour declaratively without the need to know […]

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Explorer, How to / Dynamic Actions, JavaScript / October 13, 2014

>Forcing APEX_APPLICATION.G_Fx values into session

Forcing APEX_APPLICATION.G_Fx values into session When working with the APEX_ITEM package to programmatically generate items on the screen, either from a dynamic PL/SQL region or within a report region, you will most likely want to make use of any values entered into those items within your PL/SQL submit processes. Application Express provides the APEX_APPLICATION.G_F01 to […]

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Explorer, How to / Session / October 7, 2014

>APEX a credible alternative to Oracle Discoverer

APEX a credible alternative to Oracle Discoverer One of the most important business needs is the ability to report on data, often on an ad hoc manner producing reports and variations of them quickly and easily. We look at how APEX is fast becoming a viable alternative to Oracle Discoverer. For many years the tool […]

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Explorer, Reporting, Why use APEX / BI, Business Intelligence, Disco, Discoverer, reporting / October 6, 2014